Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Matthew Pateman's Julian Barnes

Matthew Pateman
Julian Barnes (Writers and Their Work Series)
Northcote House, 2002. 106 p.
ISBN 0-7463-0978-3

Pateman has previously explored Julian Barnes's works (see below), and this volume stands as the culmination of his insightful reflections on Barnes's ouevre. Pateman's analysis covers the full range of Barnes's work, beginning with Metroland through Love, etc. In addition to Pateman's analysis, the volume contains a bibliography of additional criticism that will lead students and curious readers to some of the better essays and texts related to Barnes's works.

While thin at 106 pages, Pateman has created an excellent addition to the growing list of critical texts related to Barnes. Anyone writing on Barnes's works will need to consult this book.

-- Ryan Roberts, June 2006

Pateman, Matthew. "Julian Barnes and the Popularity of Ethics." In Postmodern Surroundings. Edited by Steven Earnshaw. Amsterdam; Atlanta, GA: Rodopi, 1994. 179-191.

Pateman, Matthew. "Is there a novel in this text? Identities of narrative in Flaubert's Parrot." In L'Exil et l'allégorie dans le roman anglophone contemporain. ed. Morel, Michel. Paris: Ed. Messene / Collection "Dire le Récit", 1998. p. 35-47.


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