Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rimbaud and Verlaine House

Julian Barnes and others try to save a London home once lived in by Rimbaud and VerlaineA house in London (Camden) where the French poets Rimbaud and Verlaine lived after they fled Paris in the 1870s is up for sale, and Julian Barnes and a number of literary figures are trying to save it.

Barnes spoke about the rescue efforts on BBC Radio 4.

Listen to the program at the Radio 4 Today website (for a limited time).

View photos of the house by Isabelle Bocon-Gibod.

The contact for the campaign is Gerry Harrison:


At 25 August, 2009 15:57, Blogger Pyrrha said...

Dear Julian,

A young man in Paris meets a woman in a cafe. She is reading the right kind of book. He is English and studying how French plays were staged.
The affair founders when he realises that her knowledge of Rimbaud is rather limited, and he tells her so.
Which short story? In which collection?
My nephew is going to live in Paris. He should read this story.


Douglas Wade


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