Friday, July 03, 2009

Julian Barnes's Nothing to be Frightened of is, among many things, a family memoir, an exchange with his brother (a philosopher), a meditation on morality and the fear of death, a celebration of art, an argument with and about God, and homage to the French writer Jules Renard.

Though he warns us that 'this is not my autobiography', the result is a tour of the mind of one of our most brilliant writers.

Available from BBC Audiobooks at, which also has a short excerpt available online. Julian Barnes reads his book in its entirety, complete & unabridged.

Be sure to visit BBC Audiozone for additional audiobooks of Julian Barnes's works.

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At 20 November, 2009 08:33, Anonymous christine said...

Christ Julian this book has put the fear of God into me - no pun/s intended!!!

At 12 December, 2009 11:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that pigeon poop (rather than awestruckness) was the likely cause of the Stendhal Syndrome Dr. Barnes describes in his book on God.


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