Thursday, July 21, 2011

Win a Signed Copy of Julian Barnes's The Sense of an Ending

The Julian Barnes Website is working with Jonathan Cape to offer the chance to win a signed copy of the Cape edition of Julian Barnes's new novel The Sense of an Ending, published August 4th.

Please email the correct answer to the question below to to be entered into a random drawing for one of the signed copies. We will forward a handful of randomly selected names supplying the correct answers to Jonathan Cape, and they will contact the winners for their postal address. Sound good? Please only enter once.

Here It Is: Julian Barnes's paperbacks are published by Vintage, and Vintage is about to turn 21. What Julian Barnes novel will be repackaged as part of the Vintage 21 promotion? (It will be published on August 4th in the UK, which is also the deadline for the giveaway).

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At 22 July, 2011 20:42, Anonymous Andrea Riffo said...


Is this contest open for UK residents only, or are readers from abroad (outside the EU) eligible also?



At 22 July, 2012 14:54, Anonymous Alexander Kretzschmar said...

A pseudo-intellectual book provide with psychological half-knowledge.
The author is clearly overestimated.

Cand. Dr. Alexander Kretzschmar
from Germany

At 26 July, 2012 19:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio/ Then are dreamt of in your philosophy.

William Shakespeare, Hamlet

At 05 August, 2012 09:22, Blogger Έλενα Σταγκουράκη said...

I was really glad to read such a well-structured novel with a great story to tell, but also a tight narration and good English (with frequent Greek notes). After all, we 're not dealing with some kind of treatise on psychology here, but with Literature!I´m looking forward to Barnes´s next books!

Elena Stagouraki

At 05 August, 2012 19:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion Julian Barnes should receive Booker Prize earlier. I am just reading "Nothing to be Frightened of" together with a few other books of this Author and JM Coetzee novels - interesting confrontation), not recalling about "Flaubert's Parrot "...


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