Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"60/40" -- New Short Story

Read Julian Barnes's new short story in The Guardian -- "60/40," 2 August 2008: 22.

Beginning of the Story:

"It was the week Hillary Clinton finally conceded. The table was a clutter of bottles and glasses; and though hunger had been satisfied, some mild social addiction kept making hands reach out to snaffle another grape, crumble a landslip from the cliff face of cheese or pick a chocolate from the box. We had talked about Obama's chances against McCain, and whether in the last weeks Hillary had demonstrated guts or mere self-deception. We also considered whether the Labour Party was any longer distinguishable from the Conservatives, the suitability of London's streets for bendy buses, the likelihood of an al-Qaida attack on the 2012 Olympics and the effect of global warming on English viticulture. Joanna, who had been quiet during these last two topics, now said with a sigh, "You know, I could really do with a cigarette."


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