Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Julian Barnes on Sibelius's Home, Ainola

 Julian Barnes explores the house where Sibelius lived, died, wrote much of his music -- and spent decades not writing, or not publishing ...

"Where Sibelius Fell Silent." More Intelligent Life January/February 2012.
From the Article:
"There are two famous silences in the history of classical music: those of Rossini and Sibelius. Rossini’s, which lasted nearly 40 years, was a worldly, cosmopolitan silence, much of it spent in Paris, during which time he co-invented tournedos Rossini. Sibelius’s, which lasted nearly 30 years, was more austere, self-punishing and site-specific; and whereas Rossini finally yielded again to music, writing the late works he referred to as “the sins of my old age”, Sibelius was implacable. He fell silent, and remained silent."
Barnes also wrote a piece for More Intelligent Life in 2008 about the Museo Mandralisca in Cefalu, Sicily:
Julian Barnes at Sibelius's home



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