Sunday, January 29, 2012

Previously Unseen Extract from Julian Barnes's Novel England, England

The Library Book aids The Reading Agency’s library programmes -- From Alan Bennett's Baffled at a Bookcase, to Lucy Mangan's Library Rules, famous writers tell us all about how libraries are used and why they're important. Tom Holland writes about libraries in the ancient world, while Seth Godin describes what a library will look like in the future. Lionel Shriver thinks books are the best investment, Hardeep Singh Kohli makes a confession and Julie Myerson remembers how her career began beside the shelves. Using memoir, history, polemic and some short stories too, The Library Book celebrates 'that place where they lend you books for free' and the people who work there. All royalties go to The Reading Agency, to help their work supporting libraries.

Julian Barnes contributes a previously unseen extract from his novel England, England, and Stephen Fry asks, ‘have you heard of Oscar Wilde?’

For the press release, please visit the Reading Agency's website. You may also purchase online.

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At 30 January, 2012 01:43, Blogger Anna said...

I must have it. It looks like an interesting book. I'm not a great snoop in other matters but I can't help poking my nose at personal libraries. I've secretly taken photographs of library shelves. I think this is a perversion. But if caught at least I don't think I'll be in too much trouble. I hope.

At 19 July, 2012 23:21, Anonymous Lisa Guidarini said...

Anna, if this is a perversion I share it...

Oddly, I was just considering buying this book not five minutes ago and just posted about JB's sweet little book 'A Life in Books,' having no idea they were related in any way. Think it's fate.


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