Saturday, June 23, 2012

Julian Barnes -- A Life with Books

Julian Barnes has written a pamphlet titled A Life with Books, an essay specially commissioned for Independent Booksellers Week. The pamphlet will be supplied exclusively to independent bookshops with all proceeds to benefit Freedom from Torture.

In the essay, Julian Barnes writes about his early awareness of books and about his obsessive book-collecting and time spent in second-hand bookshops around the country. He ends by praising the physical book and expressing the confident hope that it will survive.

A Life with Books is published as a pamphlet, with cover art by Suzanne Dean, the renowned designer responsible for the cover of Julian Barnes’ Man Booker-winning The Sense of an Ending.

Publication date is set for 28th June 2012. Please support your local booksellers during Independent Booksellerss Week.


At 19 July, 2012 23:19, Anonymous Lisa Guidarini said...

Positively in love with this little book! So glad to have been able to order it from t'other side of the pond. I read it in one gulp last night, to post about it on my book blog, but will read it more slowly, to savor. Pleased to see such a tremendous author is just like me when it comes to books!

At 13 August, 2012 21:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is worthwhile initiating the action of photographing under the title "Books in my house"? Famous persons and the ordinary Smiths would demonstrate their home libraries or for instance a stack of books on the table..

PS. I don't understand, why everyone webmasters are so discerning. The question about the age is a philosophical question in fact. It is possible to write treaties or novels about it (for example "Pulse" of Julian Barnes...)

All best wishes

I don't understand why all webmasters are so discerning. Question: how old are you? is actually a philosophical question. One could write Treaties or novels about it (for example, Pulse of Julian Barnes).

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