Monday, October 13, 2008

42 Writers for Liberty

Forty-two leading writers will join Liberty in opposing Government plans to hold suspects for 42 days without charge. '42 Writers for Liberty' will showcase new works by leading writers including Philip Pullman, Monica Ali, Julian Barnes, Mohsin Hamid, Ian Rankin, Sadie Jones, Ali Smith and A.L. Kennedy.

'42 Writers for Liberty' will be launched at at noon on Sunday, 12 October as the House of Lords prepare to vote on the controversial legislation.

Julian Barnes writes, “…Claiming to defend British liberty by diminishing British liberty has become a political norm over the last 30 years or so. Digging in the heels and shouting is now more important than ever…”

The full list of participating writers in “42 Writers for Liberty” are: Julian Barnes; Ian Rankin; Salley Vickers; Alain de Botton; Daljit Nagra; Tahmima Anam; A.L. Kennedy; Stella Duffy; Andrew O'Hagan;Joe Dunthorne; Mohsin Hamid; Craig Taylor; Kamila Shamsie; Nadeem Aslam; Linda Grant; Monica Ali; Rachel North; Nick Laird; Jackie Kay; Toby Litt; Maria Hyland; Philip Pullman; Hisham Matar; Jenny Diski; Michel Faber; Terence Blacker; Hari Kunzru; Anne Donovan; Lisa Appignenesi; Alexander Masters; David Mitchell; Jay Griffiths; Esther Freud; Darian Leader; Bernardine Evaristo; Ann Leslie; Hardeep Singh Kohli; Nikita Lalwani; Sadie Jones; Tom Hodgkinson; Shami Chakrabarti; Ali Smith.

The online calendar of their new short works is at For more information about Liberty, please visit their website at

French Paperback -- Arthur & George

The French paperback edition by Éditions Gallimard (folio) is published on 2 October 2008.

From the Publisher: "Extraordinaire tableau de la société victorienne, ce roman, inspiré d'un fait réel qui avait divisé l'Angleterre comme en France l'affaire Dreyfus, est aussi le plus passionnant et le plus haletant des thrillers."

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